Registration for COSPLAY IDOL S2 at SM Center Valenzuela

Also note the following:

1. Every cosplayer who enters the competition will get a chance to win the COSPLAY IDOL AWARD.

2. Each cosplayer should pay a registration fee of P50.00.

3. Entry can be individual, duo or group entry will be accepted.

4. The total points to be given for the cosplay competition will be 150 points.


- Previous Cosplay Idol Final winner and Cosplay Idol Season 2 leg winners.

- Costumes which have won in major cosplay events can no longer join the competition. Major events include Cosplay Mania, Ozine Fest, Philippine Cosplay Convention, Tag Com, Best of Anime, Hero Face Off, and Pinoy Gaming Festival (PGF). Costumes are disqualified but cosplayers who won can still join provided they will register a new costume. Improvements or costume upgrades will not be considered as a new costume.

- Winners of previous cosplay idol categories can no longer win for any category but they can still join and win as Cosplay Idol.
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