Tenant Support Pledge
Tenant Support Pledge

Whereas: The ongoing crisis, through work cancellation, business closure, and continued rent collections has created a looming catastrophe for working people on the Wasatch Front.

Whereas: Evictions are threatening tenants with mass displacement, meaning now is the vital time to coalesce and build our networks of communication ahead of this catastrophe.

Whereas: Even if an eviction moratorium was temporarily placed, there is no guarantee of a backlog of payments and evictions.

Whereas: I do not expect to be able to rely on hand-downs from authorities to guarantee my access to housing and dignity through this crisis.

I recognize: There are critical actions that must be taken to maintain the livelihoods of working people on the Wasatch Front, including but not limited to:

1. Income and Rental assistance for those who have lost income due to this crisis.

2. An indefinite freeze on all evictions on the Wasatch Front.

3. The budgetary and political prioritization of the humanity of working people in the
Wasatch front BEFORE policing, tax cuts, and property development.

I WILL: Pledge my own individual capacities to the following principles:

1. Contribute to providing immediate relief where possible to those struggling to find vital
survival goods.

2. Wherever possible confront those in power with the above listed demands.

3. To vigorously stand against any evictions by all means available to me.

By signing and providing contact, we will reach out to you with how to help, and with opportunities to uphold these principles.

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