Zoo New York Field Trip Request
Please use this form to request a field trip. Requests must be made at least ONE week from date of field trip. After submission, a member of our staff will reach out to you within 3 business days.
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Email *
We can not always guarantee that a specific date will be available but will always try our best to accommodate where applicable.
This will also be used as a 2nd choice date in the event that your first choice is unavailable.
Arrival Time: *
This is the time you plan to arrive to the Zoo. Note: Our hours of  operation are 10AM - 5PM everyday. We do not allow admissions past 4:30PM.
Group Name *
Age range of participants: *
Select all that apply.  If these age ranges do not apply to your group, select other and specify.
Contact Person Name  / Title: *
This is whoever is responsible for your group while attending field trip. (Lead Teacher, Scout Leader, etc...)
Phone Number of Contact Person: *
This is in order for a member of our staff to call with any questions regarding this form, any unforeseen changes, and to have a form of contact on the day of field trip.
Billing/Mailing Address of Contact Person *
This is in order to send your confirmation packet that is sent out after your request is approved.
E-mail address of Contact Person: *
Enter the email address of the responsible party for this field trip.
Are you paying using a 3rd party organization? *
If your 3rd party organization is not listed, please type it into the "other" option. If you are not using a 3rd party select, I am not paying using a 3rd party organization. We require approval from the specified 3rd party no later than 7 days after your request is submitted. Failure to provide approval may result in your trip being canceled. Your 3rd party may not approve a payment, please be prepared to make payment at the gate.
Billing and Contact Information for Third-Party if Applicable (Put down N/A if not)
Total number of youth participants: *
Enter a numerical value for the amount of youth participants for admission to the Zoo. [Field trip admission per youth is $7.00]
Total number of adult participants: *
Enter a numerical value of ALL adult participants for admission. Each group is admitted 1 free chaperone for every 10 children, but must still be counted. [All payed adults are $8.75 per admission]
Program Type: *
During our onsite EdZOOcation programs, groups gather in a classroom setting to learn about wildlife biology and ecology through up-close encounters with our Animal Ambassadors. Our programs last approximately 30 minutes and are limited to participation to no more than 25 individuals per session. Programs may be adapted for all age groups.  Official program descriptions found on the Zoo website.
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Are you studying anything that you would like us to incorporate into the program? *
Please type n/a if you are not requesting a program.
Total number of youth program participants:
Enter a numerical value for the total number of YOUTH participating in the selected program.
Total number of adult program participants:
Enter a numerical value for the total number of adults participating in the selected program.
For questions regarding scheduling please contact the Guest Services:
           315-782-6180           |           agage@zoonewyork.org 
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