2019 Outstanding Tutor Award Nomination Form
This form should be completed by the supervisor who is nominating a tutor for the College Reading and Learning Association's Rick Sheets 2019 Outstanding Tutor Award. You may only nominate one tutor from your program. More information about the award can be found here: http://crla.net/index.php/certifications/ittpc-international-tutor-training-program (Select the tab that says Outstanding Tutor Award).

Please review criteria carefully before making your submissions. In addition to answering the prompts below, you will also need to attach the following information, to complete your nomination:

1. A copy of your nominee's certificate of completion for the highest ITTPC level they have completed.
2. A copy of your nominee's most-recent tutoring evaluation, dated within 1 year of nomination.
3. A copy of your nominee's most-recent transcript (unofficial is fine).
4. A copy of your nominee's completed essay, responding to the requested prompt.
5. A faculty member's supportive recommendation of your nominee (must be from outside your tutorial program, and in a subject your nominee currently tutors in/for).

To help you prepare for completing this form, a list of questions is available: http://tiny.cc/OTA-Questions

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