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1. How do you rate your current state?
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2. Your goals. What would you like most to accomplish when working with us? Do you have specific goals you wish to accomplish? Please state them. *
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4. What's your why? What do you see as your greatest drive? Do you have a specific passion/mission you feel strongly about? Why do you want to achieve this goal? What will it give you once you achieve it? How would it feel to have achieved this? *
5. What is currently holding you back from achieving this? Do you know if and where you are sabotaging yourself? *
6. Why do you believe you are not being successful? *
7. What do you need to believe in order to make this (your goals, dreams) happen? *
8. Imagine for a moment that The Magic Fairy Godmother comes to you and asks you for your one biggest wishes? What would you say?…or in other words: Assuming there were no limitations: What do you really want? *
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10. What is most important to you in life? *
11. What is the least important area of your life right now? *
12. Why now?
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13. How committed are you?
How much are you willing to give it/our work together all you have? (rate from 1-10; 1=unlikely; 10=highly likely/certain) *
How likely do you think you are to make powerful but possibly uncomfortable decisions 1-10 *
How likely are you to act upon your choices and carry through what you have set out to do 1-10       *
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14. What is your greatest goal you wish to have achieved 1 year from now? What is different? What has changed? How are you different? *
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