WiMIR Workshop: Project Sign-Up and RSVP
Hi there!

We'd like to know what projects you're interested in for the WiMIR workshop, and if there are any you'd rather not be a part of.

You can see the list of projects here: https://wimir.wordpress.com/2018/07/31/wimir-workshop-2018-project-guides/

Please rate the how interested you are in each project, and optionally tell us if there are any projects you really, really don't want to participate in.

We'll crunch the numbers and assign people to projects accordingly.


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MIR with Stems
Cover Songs for Musical Performance Comparison and Musical Style Transfer
Building Collaborations Among Artists, Coders and Machine Learning
Discovering Emotion from Musical Segments
Large-scale Karaoke Song Detection
Modeling Repetition and Variation for MIR
Beyond the Fun: Can Music We Do Not Actively Like Still Have Personal Significance?
Creative Applications of MIR data
Expanding the Human Impact of MIR with Mixed Reality
MIR Rhythm Analysis Techniques for Arrhythmia ECG Sequences
MIR for Mood Modulation: A Multidisciplinary Research Agenda
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