San Sebastian Basilica Conservation and Development Foundation Inc. - Tour Reservation Request Form
Online tour reservation form for San Sebastian Basilica. You may also fill out a Word/PDF version of the form, which you can request from the Foundation by emailing

We advise guests to book at least for 10 pax or more, although this is still subject to the availability of the basilica and guides from the foundation. Smaller groups can also be accommodated but they must be more flexible since we will likely ask for adjustments in schedules to merge similarly small groups. The Saturday tours which we announce on our official Facebook are perfect for individuals and small groups (i.e. less than 10) who'd like to visit.

Basic Admission - Guided tour of the main floor to choir loft
Php80 for students and senior citizens
Php120 for regular

Full Admission - Guided tour of the main floor, choir loft, attics, and the towers up to the belfries (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
Php120 for students and senior citizens
Php150 for regular

Teachers are free all year round!

1. Submissions should be made at least one (1) week before your preferred date for the tour EXCEPT for Saturday tours advertised in the official Facebook page.
2. Tours are subject to the availability of the basilica and the members of the restoration team to act as guides. We will coordinate with you if there are conflicts with schedules, and we kindly advise that you also be flexible with your schedules to accommodate adjustments.
3. Please give the foundation 24 hours to respond to confirm receipt of the reservation form.
4. Make sure that your total number of guests corresponds to your breakdown.
5. Answer all sections of the form.
6. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you may reach Samantha Pacardo through the same email address above, telephone (+62 708-5122) and mobile (0917-847-2679).

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