2021 WBC Youth Camp Registration
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Every parent MUST read the WBC Camp Rules & General Info Document. It contains vital information about dress code, prohibited items, drop off and pick up instructions, what to bring and general camp rules.

Please read and agree to the WBC Camp Rules & General Info Document at the link below


You may also print/download the WBC Camp Rules & General Info Document to keep for your reference

NOTE: ALL campers must provide a signed WBC Registration, Waiver & Release Form upon the first day of camp

The WBC Registration, Waiver & Release Form can be printed/dowloaded at the link below


NOTE: Blank release waivers will be provided at the church on the first day of camp HOWEVER these MUST be signed by the legal guardian of the camper. If a camper is being dropped off by someone other than the camper's legal guardian then a release waiver must be printed, signed by the camper's legal guardian and sent with them.
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Shirts, shoes and appropriate outside clothes must be worn at all times while outside the cabins (no pajamas outside the cabins). Short shorts (including Soffes) or skirts, halter tops, spaghetti straps (or “muscle” shirts for guys), pants/jeans for girls, and other articles of immodest, revealing clothing are prohibited. Shorts (basketball shorts are preferred though not mandatory) and skirts must be knee level. No “sagging” of jeans or shorts will be allowed. Shirts or caps cannot promote alcohol/tobacco/drug usage, roll & roll or any other undesirable messages. Appropriate casual shorts may be worn during all daytime activities and services. However, NO shorts will be permitted during the evening worship services. MALES WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR PANTS and FEMALES WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR A DRESS/SKIRT to the evening service. All campers are encouraged to dress for evening services as they should at their home church, with the above stipulation in mind. Swimsuits may be worn only in the swimming area and must be covered at all times—both male and female alike. NOTE FOR ALL CAMPERS (MALE AND FEMALE): One-piece swimsuits are preferred for females. Swimsuits must be covered by a colored (not white or very light colored) t-shirt and shorts at ALL times—EVEN IN THE WATER—NO EXCEPTIONS.
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