Believe Ranch & Rescue: Dog Adoption Application
Please read and follow the red instructions on the following page or your application will not be accepted.

Thank you for wanting to adopt a rescued dog!

Each applicant is carefully considered to create a match which best suits the dog’s physical and emotional needs with the applicant’s home. We get 5 to 10 applications a day and are all evaluated by volunteers. So the more thorough you are with your answers, the more likely we are to consider you as a potential home.

Believe Ranch and Rescue is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to save dogs in need and find them exceptional forever homes. We expend whatever funds necessary to provide veterinary care to bring the dogs back to being healthy and happy. We ask for a donation to Believe Ranch and Rescue at a minimum amount being the fee of the cost to rescue/save the dog from its situation. The cost is usually around $150-$300. Our dogs are evaluated to the best abilities of our vets, certified trainers and volunteers but please be aware that you are bringing in a rescued dog and that there is an adjustment period of up to six months for a dog to feel stable in his/her new home.

Please be fully committed to the training, energy, and love that it will take for your dog to settle in to your home. We will work very hard with you to make the best match and to create a successful bond from the start.

Please read and understand our policies on how we place dogs before applying to adopt from Believe Ranch and Rescue.

BRnR strives to find LOVING, COMMITTED FOREVER HOMES for our dogs. This application is Step 1 in that process.

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