Jaju Pierogi Holiday Orders
All varieties of our handmade pierogi are sold at $16/dozen.

They will be handed to you frozen (unless we happen to make them that day!). Pierogi are made in the days immediately prior.

We are offering the following varieties for the holiday season:
- Potato and cheese
- Plain cheese (lightly sweetened with honey and vanilla)
- Cabbage & mushroom**
- Sweet potato & caramelized onion**
- Butternut squash, apple & sage**
- Kielbasa & red pepper (bell pepper)
- Jalapeno cheddar
- Spinach & feta
- Pineapple & cheese
- Prune & goat cheese
- Blueberry**

**Also available vegan

You can mix varieties to create your dozen(s), though we request a minimum quantity of six per flavor. For example, you could order one dozen and split it into six potato and cheese and six butternut squash.

We will be in touch with any questions! Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Vanesa, Casey, and the Jaju Pierogi team

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