Timeout Virtual Freshers' Fair Registration
Timeout is a free video conferencing service provided by the Cambridge University-based Student-Run Computing Facility. We're more than glad to offer societies our video conferencing services for their Freshers' Fair stalls. Register your interest with this form and then we'll get in touch -- we're making special arrangements and possibly a different interface just for the Freshers' Fair.

Why should you use Timeout for your society?

In addition to providing many "premium" video conferencing features for free, like breakout rooms, we've built this platform ourselves and we can customize it (within reason) to fit our users' needs. We impose no limits of any kind.

Note: though our goal is to serve as many of our fellow societies as possible, in the case that we get many sign ups we will have to prioritize societies with fewer financial resources to pay for video conferencing. This will be done at our discretion and we will update this form accordingly.

Please email support@srcf.net for any queries regarding the use of Timeout for your stall.
Name of your society *
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This could be your society president, or whoever is in charge of your society's outreach. We'll get in touch with this email, once the date nears to announce instructions on how to set up your stall.
How many people simultaneously have in the past run your physical stall? *
If you have participated in the freshers' fair before, answer this according to your past experiences. If this is your first time, then choose "0".
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