The Wiregrid Microgrant
This microgrant is intended for newer members of the comics community who need a bit of extra help to exhibit at conventions, zine fests or festivals. It can be used for costs associated with travel, lodging, tabling, and creating books and merch.

The microgrant is for $200, and there are currently five microgrants available(11/26 update: 11 grants!). The deadline to submit this form is December 15th. Funds are disbursed in the first week of January 2019.

You are eligible for this grant if:

1. You are a comics creator accepted to or intending to apply to exhibit at a 2019 show.
2. You have exhibited at fewer than 3 conventions or zinefests(total!).
3. You do not have a published work with a major indie or traditional publisher(anthology work is fine).

Questions can be sent to Shing Yin Khor at

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What 2019 conventions have you been accepted to("none" is okay)? What 2019 shows would you apply to, and intend on attending, if you received this grant? *
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We understand that it is early and things change, but give us an idea of what kind of work and merch you'll have at your table, and how you intend to display it. *
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What would you use this grant for? For instance, show travel and lodging, table fees, and printing costs are all valid! Please be specific and have researched the costs. *
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We'll disburse funds in the first week of January. If you have an approaching deadline that this will not work for, please let us know.
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