Rabbit Hole VR General Membership Application
Hey there! This form is to let us know you better and better cater opportunities for you. Note: this is only for Stanford students. If you're not a Stanford student but would still like to be involved, please email admin@rabbitholevr.org, thanks!
General Member Benefits
1. Access to hardware. You'll be able to access our lockers and the VR room on your own schedule to develop and try on headsets outside of just the normal club meeting hours.

2. Priority to smaller events. For more specialized, technical, or space-limited events, you'll have priority over general community members.

3. Resume book. If you're looking for internships or full-time jobs, we send quarterly resume books to our industry partners such as Oculus and Microsoft, and resumes come from core and general members.

Please note: we'll refresh our general members list every year.

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