Revere CARES Mini-Grant Program Description and Application
APPLICATIONS DUE by 11:59pm on Sunday, January 5th, 2020

This year $20,000 dollars are available for community members, youth, teachers, counselors, neighborhood groups, schools, and other organizations to submit proposals that promote healthy eating, active living, prevent substance use disorders, improve mental wellbeing, and engage young people in positive activities. Proposals should affect the entire community for years to come.

Strong proposals will include one or more of the following:

1. Positive youth engagement and helping young people make healthy decisions, especially around not using drugs and alcohol, managing their mental wellbeing, improving their skills at managing stress, exercise, and healthy eating.
2. An environmental change; means making improvements to a physical space in Revere to help people make healthy choices.
3. A systems change; changing the way an organization operates to promote healthy living.
4. A policy change; means improving or changing a rule to promote health
(Policy: “a law, regulation, procedure, administrative action, incentive, or voluntary practice of governments and other institutions.” Mass in Motion)

Examples of previously funded projects include:

Seacoast High School - Awarded $1,000 to expand an aquaponics lab for their Botany and Urban Growers class. The expansion coincided with their existing community garden, herb garden, and hydroponics lab, providing students with a comprehensive urban farming tool-kit.
(Example of: System and environmental change)

Half Day Hoops Program - Awarded $1,605 to the Revere Police Department to offer free mini basketball clinics for middle and high school students. These mini-clinics will increase physical activity among youth and will help address substance abuse issues.
(Example of: Active living, prevention, and positive youth engagement)

Sidewalk Butlers for Cigarette Butts - Awarded $852 to the Revere Community Committee (through The Neighborhood Developers) to install five cigarette butlers in the Shirley Avenue business district. This environmental strategy is meant to promote cleanliness and increase mental well being due to an environmental change in the Shirley Avenue neighborhood.
(Example of: Environmental change)

Improbable Players - Awarded $1615 to the Rumney Marsh Academy for a performance from Improbable Players. The show, presented by youth actors who are in long-term recovery, incorporates dramatic performances and theater workshops that help people recognize situations in their own lives and seek the help they need.
(Example of: Prevention activity encouraging positive decisions among youth)

Girls Empowerment Club: Awarded $770 dollars to students at Revere High School, to create a Girls Empowerment Club to help empower and build relationships among elementary and middle school girls.
(Example of: Positive youth engagement led by a young person)
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