EBC Casino 2017 Volunteer Sign-up
EBC uses licensed charitable casino events to raise funds for our activities. Once every 20-24 months, we staff a casino with volunteers for 2 days and raise about $75,000 to $80,000.

By volunteering at this event, your 6-8 hour shift is equivalent to a $2200 donation to EBC, or about $315/hr. Meals and snacks are also provided to volunteers.

This year our casino dates are September 6 & 7, 2017. We are at the Grand Villa (which has replaced the Baccarat Casino) downtown at 104 Ave and 102 St.

You do not need any experience or knowledge of casinos or games to volunteer at EBC's casino event. We have professional advisors to provide training and guidance in every aspect of the event.

We require about 18 volunteers to take 2 shifts, or more if people only take 1 shift.

Volunteer requirements:
• competent in handling money;
• able to hear, see, speak or have an attendant with these capabilities;
• alert and observant;
• able to maneuver in the casino facility for a seven-hour shift;
• able to function in a noisy environment;
• able to use CasinoTrack computer system (certain positions); and
• able to pass a security clearance check

GENERAL MANAGER (9am-7pm, or 6:15pm-4am):
- Your cashiers' cage advisor(s) will explain your duties and assist and train you and your volunteers at the casino.
- Your count room advisor will provide the same support and training for your count room volunteers.

BANKER (9am-7pm, or 6:15pm-4am):
- You control the main Cash Cage floats of chips and cash.
- You are assisted directly by Cash Cage Advisor for all activities.
- Some administrative experience is helpful, but not essential.

CASHIER (9:30am-7:15pm, 11:30am-7:15pm, or 6:30pm-3:15am):
- You are assisted directly by Cash Cage Advisor for all activities.
- Cash-handling skills and being a little bit street-wise would be an asset!
- The cashier's job is challenging, and requires concentration and accuracy.
- You should not volunteer to be a cashier if you are colour-blind.

CHIP RUNNER (9:30am-7:15pm, 11:30am-7:15pm, or 6:30pm-3:15am):
- You are a courier (runner) for chip orders for the casino games.
- You are not usually too busy except at the opening and closing of the casino day.
- You will always be accompanied on your 'runs' to the games by a casino security guard or a manager.

COUNT ROOM SUPERVISOR (10:30pm-3:30am):
- You work with the Count Room Advisor to keep records of the cash and chips in the count room.
- Some administrative skills are useful, and computer skills are very helpful.

COUNT ROOM STAFF (10:30pm-3:30am):
- The Count Room Advisor trains and assists you in all activities.
- You should be good working with your hands.

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