Nominate a HERO In Residence - Fall 2018
The Hero In Residence program recognizes, supports and amplifies the stories of everyday heroes.

Heroic Imagination Project is looking for individuals who took a personal risk or placed themselves in harms way to help another person or change a situation.

Over a period of six months, those chosen as Heroes In Residence will receive support and guidance from HIP mentors to reflect and share their story for larger community impact, learn to utilize HIP training in their future work, and amplify any initiative they may have considered launching.

Our goal is to empower heroes to bring about real change in their communities of choice.

This program comes at no-cost to our Heroes and is open to all via a semiannual nomination.

Who Should You Nominate?
Anyone who acted courageously in the face of personal risk.

We are looking for those who are willing to share their story, who care about their communities/workplace and want to make positive social change.

Our Fall 2018 cohort will focus on individuals and communities in California.

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