BIPOD Bipolarity Index
BIPOD stands for Bipolar Index for determining Presence Of the Disorder. Please fill out all of test items. We will email you your test results after you have submitted your responses.
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1. I have had many times when I'm absolutely filled with energy. *
2. My view of myself is always stable and unchanging. *
3. I go from one topic to another very rapidly. *
4. I am having periods of greatly increased interest in sex. *
5. I never get mad at slow moving and slow acting people. *
6. I have been very sad over the past few weeks. *
7. I am very on edge right now. *
8. I sometimes just don't seem to need to sleep much. *
9. I have never had any great surges in confidence. *
10. I have trouble keeping focused on tasks. *
11. I am not at all an impulsive person. *
12. I always try to think about what's right before I act. *
13. My appetite isn't very good right now. *
14. I have been paying attention to these questions. *
15. My rapid thoughts are certainly out of control *
16. I often feel I'm a very important person. *
17. My mind constantly wanders. *
18. There are times when I'm terribly hyper. *
19. I don't bother about "moral thinking" when something has to get accomplished. *
20. I don't have lapses in concentration. *
21. I certainly move and think quickly these days. *
22. My thinking is certainly ahead of the times. *
23. I am able to focus as well as usual. *
24. I often do things on impulse, and then suffer the consequences. *
25. I admire people who can get things done by bending the rules. *
26. My thinking is really slowed down at present. *
27. I feel so nervous at times that I can't think clearly or accomplish much. *
28. I have traveled to many different planets. *
29. I have thoughts that keeping popping up in my mind, even when I trying to rest. *
30. I always lack in self confidence. *
31. My rapid thoughts change constantly. *
32. I have made a number of foolish and impulsive choices. *
33. It's not a problem using trickery if you accomplish something good. *
34. I have had thoughts of suicide recently. *
35. I am usually calm. *
36. I can skip sleep without feeling all that tired. *
37. I have terribly important things to accomplish. *
38. My thinking is very consistent and stable. *
39. My actions are always well thought out. *
40. People who always worry about ethics can be really annoying. *
41. Sometimes, I think others would be better off without me. *
42. I usually have an inner sense of peace and well being. *
43. I answered randomly to many of these items. *
44. I'm always pushing forward quickly and energetically. *
45. At times, I feel I'm destined to do awesome things. *
46. I very rarely change my mind. *
47. I have had periods of impulse buying that have caused financial stress for me. *
48. Rules shouldn't stand in the way of my doing something great. *
49. I am not at all discouraged about the future. *
50. I am worried about many things these days. *
51. I have a slow, even pace of thoughts and actions. *
52. My self image is quite stable. *
53. At times, I am totally off task. *
54. I always carefully consider purchases. *
55. I always play by the rules. *
56. I do not feel hopeless right now. *
57. I am tense and sweaty a lot of the time. *
58. I am a celebrity who is well known to almost everyone. *
59. I always need to get enough sleep to function well. *
60. At times, I feel nothing can ever get in my way or stop me. *
61. My thinking is cloudy and changeable. *
62. I have times when I don't think things through the way I should. *
63. If you let someone take advantage of you, you deserve what you get. *
64. I just don't feel I can improve my unhappy life. *
65. I am very concerned about what the future may bring. *
66. My thoughts never race. *
67. I am a gifted person with very special abilities. *
68. I can pay attention easily. *
69. I have had no surges in my sex drive. *
70. I always think rules provide an important road map to follow. *
71. I am certainly down in the dumps these days. *
72. I really don't have any great fears or anxieties. *
73. I quit paying attention to these questions a while back. *
74. I tend to be an anxious person. *
75. I am terribly uptight right now. *
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