Electronero Network (RFP)
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How did you hear about Electronero Network researchers and engineers?
Do you need development or upgrade of Smart Contracts? Our engineers write and test Solidity compatible for any particular Ethereum Virtual Machine imaginable! So tell tell us more how we can help, what specifically do you need to support your projects growth?
What can Electronero   Network do for you? The
 network is networking, join the community! Please select a department(s) which correlates with your requirements. Thanks! 
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What is your budget for research & development?
I herby give my permission to Electronero Network, Cryptocurrency Developers and/or their affiliates to send messages to me via email and/or text messaging as means of communication. 
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Contact Us: 

Email: support@electronero.org
Electronero Network: https://t.me/electronero_network
Electronero (ETNX): https://t.me/electronero
Electronero Pulse (ETNXP): https://t.me/etnxp
Litenero (LTNX): https://t.me/litenero
Goldnero (GLDX): https://t.me/goldnero
Crystaleum (CRFI aka GEM 💎)

&& many xAssets in and out of R&D aka experimental assets" ((see Github(s)))
Electronero Network (projects): https://github.com/electronero-project

@communityKid Hope Bel community leadership
@we_are_interchained IT & community support
@pebkac16 community support

@interchained lead developer & sr. full stack engineer
@Jony_zes full stack developer & front end templating specialist
@billaure sr. full stack engineer & back end specialist

@frenchieCrypto director of operations
@superSensaiyan  operations consultant  
@NotYourAveragePogger operations & marketing consultant 
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