SC|CS 2020 Scholarship Submission Form
Please complete the following form for submission. Please only complete once - any modifications should be sent via email to

Please fill in this form completely to submit your application for a chance to receive a scholarship to cover the $369 member registration rate to ASCA 2020. Please note - if you are a graduate student or other member type - we will pay your registration at the rate of your member type with a maximum of $369 for the member price.

Scholarship award is paid after providing proof of registration.

Fine print:

- Applicants must be credentialed school counselors or graduate students in a certified school counseling masters program to qualify. Need not be working full time to qualify.
- Applicant roles will be verified before funds are distributed.
- Recipients will be notified prior to the March 1st priority registration deadlines. Please plan on registering by that date.
- Selected recipients will register and submit proof of registration and a headshot to and the funds will be sent via PayPal following receipt of those items.
- Only completed applications are considered.
- All attendees will need to meet at some point at ASCA for a group photo and each recipient will need to complete a short thank you note to one of the primary SC|CS sponsors. Bonus points if you visit their booth and thank them in person and get a photo!!

Applications are reviewed based on several criteria, but not in this particular priority order:
- Demonstrated need of funding
- Impact of attending ASCA 2020 on your school and community
- First time attendees
- Diversity in work setting (Elem, MS, HS / Rural or Urban / etc)
- And more.

While we wish we can give a scholarship to each applicant - we have to select a few each year. If you apply and are not selected this year - please apply in future years. We try not to select past recipients (though you may apply each year) to give as many people a chance to attend ASCA as we can. Best of luck and thanks for being an awesome school counselor!

APPS ARE DUE FEB. 8th 11:59pm
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Short Answer: What kind of impact are you excited to make by attending ASCA 2019? *
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Short Answer: Why will attending ASCA 2020 help your students, school and/or community in particular? *
Help us understand why attending ASCA in July will make a difference in your area.
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Short Answer: How will you bring back the info you gather from ASCA to your colleagues and counselors nearby? *
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Short Answer: How would you describe your school counseling "personality"? *
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Please share something creative that shows your personality. This can be anything - a video (submit a link), a photo, a poem, a recipe, something from a student, etc. The world is your oyster. *
The next question has a link to upload your file through Dropbox (please paste your file name here if you upload). Please add your name to the file name. Let's see what you can do.
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Please use the link below to upload your files - please email if you have trouble or any questions -
I agree that if awarded the scholarship, I will attend the 2020 ASCA national conference in Seattle, WA and if I am unable to attend or register for the webcast option (see note), I will return the scholarship funds to provide another school counselor a chance to attend in my place. *
If you choose the webcast option, the scholarship will be for the amount of that registration.
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