ADSA Community Questionnaire 2019
Thank you for participating in the Arkansas Down Syndrome Association's (ADSA) Community Questionnaire!

ADSA's mission is to empower people with Down syndrome (DS)—and their families—by promoting community education, evidence-based healthcare, and social opportunities across lifespans. Our hope is to engage as many families, caregivers, providers, and teachers of people with DS in Arkansas in the following survey (and future surveys) to help shape better services and programs for our DS community.

The following survey will help ADSA gather information useful for families in 1) communicating needs, 2) finding potential resources, and 3) sharing helpful information, both at state and local policy-making levels.

Unfortunately, no information regarding demographics, healthcare data, or community needs of people with DS is tracked in Arkansas. For example, births of Arkansas babies with DS in 2017 can only be estimated based on total births in Arkansas that year, as no state tracking system exists—and DS is not part of our newborn screening panel. We need your help to gather better data!

• Please complete all 3 sections: Demographics, Community, and Engagement.
• Plan to allow about 15 minutes to complete the survey.

Thank you for your participation!

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