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United Against COVID-19 (UNACOV) is an initiative from Asia Institute of Mentoring & WholeTree Foundation bringing together a coalition of partners in a united effort to help those groups severely impacted by the pandemic: entrepreneurs, small business owners, unemployed and in-transition PMETs as well as public healthcare workers. We offer programs in personal wellbeing, career resilience, and crisis management (for small business owners). Most importantly, we are also mobilizing the mentoring and coaching community to provide ongoing one-on-one support to those in need (starting in June).

We need volunteer facilitators for webinars in the following topics:
- Personal wellbeing
- Career resilience
- Crisis management (for small business owners)

Guideline for Speakers

1. UNACOV will market the speakers' webinar event mainly on, but not limited to FB and LinkedIn, WhatsApp, AIM website, and EDM.

2. UNACOV will display Logo of the organization on our partner banner which will appear on AIM’s event page, EDM, and slide at the end of our webinar.

3. Speakers are able to use the UNACOV logo or mention their involvement with UNACOV in their publicity such as social media, website, other public profiles, and marketing materials.

4. Speakers should not in any marketing communication, imply or state the endorsement of their services by UNACOV. (UNACOV is not recommending its audience to speaker's services, nor liable for any private engagement of services post-event)

5. Speakers should limit their sharing to the areas that can impact the audience positively by imparting skills and knowledge while not to use this stage to drive any personal agenda or movement that is not aligned with that of UNACOV.

6. Speakers can do a quick sharing (2 min max) of their services but no hard selling/promotion (promotions, special discounts, etc) at the end of the webinar presentation.
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