Food Factor: Seaboard Fall Fundraiser 2020
Vote for which of our REB, tri-chairs, and staff volunteers should eat which gross food dare!
Each person can only eat one thing, if one person is most voted for more than one food dare, the person with the next most votes is chosen for the lower-ranked dare. Donate through

Venmo to @USY_Branch5 with the description Seaboard to reach our goal of $100 for the USY Tikkun Olam Fund! Food Factor will happen live on Instagram!!
Fundraiser closes at SHABBAT local time on Fri. Nov 26th
$25- Ranch dressing on strawberries
Clear selection
$50- Peanut butter and raw onion sandwich
Clear selection
$75- Soda, mayo, carrot, and soy sauce smoothie
Clear selection
$100- Chocolate-covered pickle
Clear selection
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