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English Quiz Section
Select the correct missing words in the text below:
You suspect that your customers aren’t as happy as they once were. First, existing customers seem to be __________ you for the competition almost as fast as you can get new ones. *
Second, your company has started to become the butt of bad jokes at conferences and in the press. So how do you set about measuring, and improving, your customers' satisfaction? It's important to see things through their eyes. You can ____________your service for yourself, or watch your customers using it. *
A further option is to carry out some qualitative research with your customers. Whichever way you choose, the objective is to identify the _____________ on which customers will form their judgement of your service, so you can frame your questions accordingly. *
It would be foolish to think you could know all of those questions, let alone their answers, at the ______________ . *
But your reputation is at ____________ if you fail to deliver. *
Don't embark on a customer-satisfaction exercise unless you are prepared to act on the results. If you ask people what they are unhappy about and then do nothing about it, you will leave them more disillusioned with you than ever. And remember that it’s a ______________ target: today’s satisfied customer is tomorrow’s bored one. *
A service level that _____________ the button today may be considered downright sloppy in six months’ time, such is the pace of change.So keep saying to yourself, 'Let's find out where our performance falls below expectations, and then see what we can do about it.' *
Technical Skills Section
Do you have your own personal computer? *
If you have your own personal computer, do you have internet connection? *
How familiar are you with Google Docs/Sheets/Slides/Forms/Folders? *
Career Progress Section
How would you evaluate yourself in regards to time management? *
How would you assess your communication skills? *
Are you comfortable working in a team? *
If you could choose which industry would you like to work in, which one would you choose as your first option? *
What is the job title you would be interested to have in the next one year? *
What do you do to prepare yourself for this job title? *
What is your biggest strength? *
What is your biggest weakness? *
How could Knod help you to become ready to be employed in the industry of your choice and getting the job title you have mentioned above? *
What are your expectations from the Knod experience? *
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