BMS/JMMS/SLHS Teacher Mini-Grant Application
The San Leandro Education Foundation is pleased to offer DIRECT SUPPORT to San Leandro USD who are engaging their students with teaching units that may require additional materials or financial support.

SLED has allocated funds to support material or field-trip needs at all secondary schools in SLUSD. The total allocation varies according to enrollment and need. The deadline for applying is March 29, 2019 or when funds have been exhausted for your school site, whichever comes first. For more information regarding current availability of funds, please inquire with your site administrator.

The Maximum award per teacher is $500. If multiple teachers are collaborating on a project, the maximum award is $500 x the number of collaborators. Teachers may receive only one award per academic year. The maximum award is determined by total school allocation. Please note that funds are limited and the number of students impacted by the requested funds will be a contributing factor in determining the award amount.

Grantees may choose to be directly reimbursed by SLED after submitting qualifying receipts, or they may request SLED to purchase the materials and have them delivered to their school site.

All awards must receive secondary approval by your site administrator.

If you have questions about your application, please feel free to contact Morgan Mack-Rose directly at Please do NOT call the main SLED phone number or email through the website as that may delay our response.

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