Superwoman Summit Scholarship
At the Annual Superwoman Summit we are focused on creating an equitable experience and being inclusive of those who may not otherwise have the ability to purchase a ticket. We understand that attending conferences like this can be out of reach for some and we aim to be mindful of financial privilege.

We believe the best and most equitable way to solve the world's problems is to ensure there is space for everyone at the table. So, we're excited to share a special opportunity to level up in your career, expand your network, and grow as a professional by lessening the financial barrier to attend this year's event.

Applications accepted on a rolling basis. We invite you to share a little about yourself by completing the following 10 questions. Your responses will help us determine who will be awarded these scholarships. Each submission will be confidential and considered objectively. We appreciate you providing earnest, detailed, and clear responses. We encourage you to let your unique qualities, contributions, and aspirations shine.
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Please tell us more about your current job situation. Are you employed, self-employed, unemployed? How many years of professional experience do you have? Please describe in your own words. *
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We ask that all scholarship recipients pay for a portion of their ticket on a sliding scale of $150-$300. If you are awarded a scholarship ticket, you will be given 2 weeks to register. If you do not register by this time, we reserve the right to give your spot to someone else. We will contact you at the email you provided if you are awarded a scholarship ticket. Please check yes that you agree with these terms and conditions. *
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