Ohio is Home Sign-On Letter

The very essence of Ohio, our shared home, lies in the inclusivity and diversity of its residents. Our state has always been a home for the LGBTQIA+ community, and should be a sanctuary where every individual, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, can live free from discrimination and fear of harassment, violence, or losing their existing legal rights.

Ohio Is Home, and no one should be forced to leave their home because of extreme laws that undermine their freedom and safety.

We, the undersigned Ohio organizations, business, and individuals, unite in strong opposition to House Bill 68  and any legislation that threatens to displace LGBTQIA+ Ohioans and their families. House Bill 68 (HB 68), which aims to ban gender-affirming care for youth and ban the participation of transgender students in sports, infringes on the rights and livelihood of our transgender and greater LGBTQIA+ community. The sudden movement of HB 68 through the Senate Government Oversight Committee in the final months of 2023 has increased the urgency of protecting Ohio families and speaking out. 

The potential ramifications of this bill would be so severe that its passage would force families to leave the state to protect access to essential healthcare for their children. Of course, some without means won’t have the resources to leave and will be forced to live in a state without access to lifesaving medical care and in an increasingly hostile environment. This is not what we want the future of Ohio to look like. HB 68 is one of the most extreme anti-personal liberty bills in the nation.

We stand united in strong opposition to  any legislation that forces Ohioans to choose between their homes and their fundamental rights.

Ohio voters know that we deserve bodily autonomy and reject government intrusion into personal and private medical decisions, but HB 68 would put politicians right back into our doctor’s offices. 

We call on all elected officials to reject HB 68 and any legislation that fosters discrimination, division, and the forced displacement of our fellow Ohioans. Ohio is our home, and we’re united in protecting all Ohioans’ freedom and liberty.

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Can you attend our press conference on 12/13/23 at the Ohio Statehouse, immediately following House Bill 68 opponent testimony? Date is subject to change pending committee confirmation. 

It is important that as many organizations as possible be in attendance to demonstrate solidarity against harmful legislation that displaces Ohioans. 
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