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This is the registration form for the JFT Online EdCamp. Please take a look at the link above for further details.

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ご所属(ない方は空欄で結構です)[Your Organisation (please leave this blank if you are currently not with an organisation)]
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お住まいの都市(カナダ外の方は国名をお願いいたします)[City which you are living in. If you are not living in Canada, please fill in the name of the country which you are living in]
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EdCampでは何語で話したいですか?[Which language do you wish to use in EdCamp?]
日本語教育の経験はありますか。(なくても参加できます)[Do you have experience teaching Japanese? - You can still join if you do not]
みんなで話したり相談したいトピックがあったら、書いてください。[If there is a particular topic which you wish to discuss with other participants, please write it here]
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あなたが話したいトピックがなかったら、トピックを提案して、司会とメモもしてくれますか?[If there is no particular topic that you wish to discuss, are you willing to be a host or note-take for a topic provided by us?]
Zoom Cloud Meetingに参加したことがありますか?[Have you used Zoom Cloud Meeting before?]
できればパソコンからアクセスしていただきたいのですが、できますか?[Is it possible for you to access Zoom from your computer?]
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