Heal Healthcare by AIMSA with MMCRI, Mysuru
The healthcare system is at a crossroads. While some worship doctors, others demonise them. It is times like these that help us learn. As budding doctors, we seek to recognise the issues that plague the doctor patient relationship and to improve upon them.

Let us begin the conversation to heal the strained yet vital doctor patient relationship. Here is a chance for all stakeholders to salvage the future of healthcare.

■For the layman who visits the health setup:

•What are the things that prevent a healthy relationship with your doctors?
•Have you ever faced any difficulties in communicating your issues with doctors/healthcare professionals?
•Have you ever faced any bias in treatment due to your background/ orientation/gender/personal habits or choices?
•Do you face problems in understanding your
•Is healthcare timely and accessible to you?
•Have you felt there is apathy in the healthcare system?
•Do you trust your doctors? What facilitates or hinders this trust?

Tell us what works and what doesn't. Share your experiences where the healthcare system failed you and where it has been successful.

■For the doctors/medicos/healthcare professionals:
•What do you think can be changed in the system to reduce the strain on doctors? •What are the issues that make it difficult for doctors/healthcare professionals to perform their best?
•How can concerns of safety of the healthcare professionals be addressed?
•How do you think you can understand the patient better?
•How can we improve the trust the patient has?
•Can compliance of patients be improved? How?

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