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Abhinav Nehra
Ajay Makhija
Vimal Kumar
Amedeo Anniciello
Chris Hamilton
Dr. Lance Mambondiani
Nonso Okpala
Manish Sharma
Mohit Aery
Jan Pilbauer
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Select TOP 5 sessions among the below-listed sessions, that added the most value to you.
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CEO Strategic Panel
Unified Customer Experience Strategy for Better Banking - Session from Infobip
Payment Talks (Panel Discussion)
Inspirational Conversation - Commoditization of Digital Banking:
Canon in Industry 4.0: Beyond Image
Effective Digital Engagement for BFSI to Achieve a Better Financial Inclusion in Times of Uncertainty
EmergingTech Panel
Fintech Conversations (Panel Discussion)
AI-powered future of Customer Experience in Banking
Incorporating AI in Your Cybersecurity Strategy
Digitizing Business Processes in Times of Crisis
Cybersecurity Chats (Panel Discussion)
CDO Swap (Panel Discussion)
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