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About National Testing Network
National Testing Network (NTN) directly contracts with public safety departments and Licensure Boards across the country to test candidates for jobs and licensure. Once a candidate completes this simple process, information and test scores are provided to the client.

NTN is operated by professional testing experts who have worked with thousands of clients. This experience and expertise has helped to shape an efficient and cost effective testing process for candidates. We aim to provide candidates with easy access to testing across the country.
Application instructions
Thank you for your interest in joining the National Testing Network. These instructions apply to potential test centers located in North America.

1. Review requirements
Make sure you read the following two documents to ensure your environment qualifies:
Technical Requirements
Facilities Requirements

2. Main contact information
All application correspondence will be sent to this email address.

3. Fill out and submit the application
This application is designed for use by potential test centers.
Read the following two documents before submitting your application:
Technical Requirements
Facilities Requirements

Please complete and submit the application, if you are having trouble viewing the application form, first try another browser. If you continue to experience difficulties, contact us via email (

The general turnaround time from when we get your information to when you could start testing is 8 to 10 weeks.
1. Company Information
The following information refers to the company that is applying to become an Authorized National Testing Network Test Center.
Technical Requirements and Facility Requirements to confirm your test center meets the required specifications. *
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Organization name: *
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Address: *
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Phone number: *
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Fax number: *
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Please list any additional business locations:
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2. Testing Information
What testing programs are you requesting? *
Are you requesting to administer Physical Ability exams? *
Do you currently offer computer-based testing? *
Do you currently offer computer-based testing with any other provider? *
What is your average testing volume availability per month? *
Are you able to provide an in room exam proctor to monitor individuals while they are testing? *
How many workstations are in your testing room? (If you have multiple rooms please specify for each room) *
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3. Contact Information
In order to ensure efficient communication by our teams to the appropriate individuals all contact information is required, but the same person can be used for multiple contacts.
Main Contact
All application correspondence will be sent to this email address
Main contact name: *
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Job Title: *
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E-mail address: *
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Phone number: *
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Best time to call (day of week/time of day): *
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4. Accommodations
National Testing Network is committed to providing access for all individuals with disabilities. In order to assist candidates with disabilities, please provide the following information:
Do you have a separate room available and equipped with a test delivery workstation that can accommodate testing candidates with disabilities? *
A Test Administrator is required when exams are being delivered in a separate room and the exam may take longer than the usual amount of time. Will you be able to meet and abide by this requirement? *
“By submitting this Application Form, I represent that the information contained in this application is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. In the event that National Testing Network has reason to believe that I or my Company have breached one or more of these representations, it shall be cause for immediate termination of any applicable Test Center Agreement.”
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