Application for YWCAdvocates
Are you ready to make a change in 2019? How about making a difference?

YWCAdvocates is a community organizing fellowship for change makers who are ready to take their advocacy to the next level. Gain firsthand community organizing experience and make a difference in your community by creating or joining a campaign to advance gender and racial justice.

Workshops led by YWCA’s experienced advocates and local experts teach essential advocacy skills like building a coalition, passing legislation, and changing the balance of power. You will immediately put your new tools into practice in the field, designing and executing a campaign that matters to you.

You’ll meet local leaders, issue area experts, and elected officials who can give you insight and entries into careers in social justice. YWCA provides mentorship and support throughout the series as you take on greater responsibility and leadership within your chosen campaign. Our unique blend of training and experience builds powerful advocates ready to make a lasting impact in their communities.


Advocates will come away knowing the basics of community organizing including;
• Forming a smart campaign strategy by selecting the right issues, targets, and tactics
• Assembling a strong team through outreach and coalition building
• Persuading an audience with compelling, targeted messages and story-telling
• Making a lasting impact through legislation and policy processes

Participants practice a range of professional skills such as managing volunteers and public relations, crafting talking points, recruiting, and public speaking. There are also opportunities to build professional networks by meeting with advocates, legislators, and allies.


YWCAdvocates at College of Marin will run 10 weeks from the last week of February through the first week of May. Each week there will be one 2-hour workshop (regular time and location to be determined by those who are accepted into the program) comprising both community organizing training and time to work on a campaign.

Fill out the form below to apply. Please contact Laura Eberly, YWCA's Director of Social Change, at (415) 971-6753 or with any questions.
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