Dear Applicant,

Welcome to the Application for the Redemption of memberships to UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION. UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION is registered in the State of North Carolina as a transparent, autocephalous, unincorporated, nonprofit association of religious households.

Aside from my daily responsibilities administering the religious society as the Apostolic-General, I also do research and development on a side project that is a charitable cause that will benefit the general public known as THE CHERUB FOUNDATION, INC.

I firmly adhere to the notion that positive collective change begins with a network of empowered individuals. So, I aspire to help strangers become social entrepreneurs. The family is considered a small society that “has rights and duties peculiar to itself which are quite independent of the State” (LEO XIII, RERUM NOVARUM, No. 12). Therefore, the promotion of social entrepreneurship is accomplished through the ordination of men and women from all walks of life as heads of religious households so that they too could pursue side projects to benefit the general public.

Please visit to view the organisational chart for UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION. Then visit for a brief familiarisation with the Apostolic-General's religious viewpoint. If you are still interested in redeeming a membership to UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION, then enter an email address below to begin the ordination process.

In Christ,
The Most Rev. Kerubale G. Abegaz
The Kerubale Abegaz Charitable Foundation, LLC
1515 York Avenue
High Point, NC 27265

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