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Tempel is a place where artists and creatives from different disciplines can work, collaborate and present. The building consists of studios, meeting rooms and a stage. The aim of Tempel is to bring making, sharing and experimenting together. We are looking for tenants from the creative sector who like to present work, search for the boundaries of their genre and who want to surprise the audience. The stage takes on various roles: sometimes it is a podium, sometimes a gallery, sometimes a workshop space and sometimes it is a space for reflection. The starting point of our vision is that these different forms co-exist and form connections, to form the unique character of Tempel.

The building was erected in 1929 by the Theosophical Society for Meetings, as a place for reflection and exploration. This vision has been preserved in the vision of present day Tempel: the National Monument will become a place where art is created and presented that is experimental, challenging and sometimes confusing. The visitor is actively challenged to open up to new art forms and modern forms of reflection. The atmosphere is informal and accessible to a diverse audience. It will not be an anonymous place, but a place where you come back often.

Events in Tempel are distinguished by their experimental character. It will be a place where artists work who push the boundaries of their discipline and sometimes go beyond it. The experiment and the contemplation are the binding factors within the diversity of genres practiced and presented. During the events, different disciplines are placed side by side, making the experience surprising and diverse. Events are concluded with an informal meeting between audience and makers, to encourage a deeper understanding of the presented works.

The building has recently been completely renovated. The studios are located around the common areas with a number of seating areas, an informal meeting place, a bar and a foyer area. The meeting and workshop rooms are located on the ground floor, the stage is located on the first floor. The net surface of the studios is not large, the added value are the communal facilities.

The Cawa studios
The artists and creatives are selected for their urge to research, experiment and their willingness to occasionally show their work on the presentation floor. Several times a year the programmer will ask the tenants if they want to contribute to the events. However, this is not an obligation. Cawa artists are given space if they want to present their work. By always programming two disciplines side by side, the audience interested in one discipline always has a glimpse into a world where they might not immediately be familiar with.
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The building in the Tolstraat in 1977, when it was a film-theatre.
Practical info workspaces/ateliers
For rent from: September 1, 2021
Type: Workspace (basic cawa toets)
Address: Tolstraat 160, 1074 VM, Amsterdam
City district: the Pijp

Soundproofing: The rooms are not soundproof and therefore not suitable for musicians.
Landlord: Stichting Werkplek Tempel Amsterdam
Viewing date: From 1 August

Short description of the workshops:

Atelier 1 to 8 have windows overlooking an inner garden. The walls to the common area are formed by the old bookcases of the library. So you can look into the common area.

Studios 9 to 12 have high up windows on and large glass sliding doors to the common area. These spaces are closed in terms of sound.

We would like to keep the costs for our tenants as low as possible. This means sharing the studios. Do you have a partner to share the space with or do you want us to find someone for you? Please indicate this in the question regarding the sharing of the studios.
An indication of the workspaces 1 to 8 (the individual spaces still differ in surface area between 13 m2 and 16m2)
An indication of workspaces 11 and 12 (17 m2)
Workspace 10 (10m2)
Practical info workplaces on the first floor (not CAWA)
For rent from: September 1 2021
Type: Flex-desk
Address: Tolstraat 160, 1074 VM, Amsterdam
City district: the Pijp
Rental price including all service costs: €200 p/p
Surface VVO: N/A, desk and a common room
Area net: N/A
Landlord: Stichting Werkplek Tempel Amsterdam
Viewing date: From 1 August
Specifications of the building and its functions
0 As a CAWA tenant you can always use the common areas in Tempel (informal meeting places and foyer).
0 As a CAWA tenant you can make free use of the meeting rooms once a month. (€40 for half a day)
0 Temple is always accessible with a key.
0 About 2 times a week an event is organised on the stage (usually in the weekends).
0 We are bound by a dB limit of 80dB until 23:00 during events on stage.
0 The stage is also rented out to art schools and external parties.
0 It is highly appreciated if you as a tenant contribute to the program by organising exhibitions, performances, concerts, film screenings, work-in-progress, showcases, etc.

Because Tempel is located in a National Monument, we have built the studios, the stage and the meeting-rooms with care for the building. The new walls are kept separate from the existing walls. The spaces are therefore not completely separated from each other. Acoustic material ensures that sound is muffled, but it will be noticeable that there's other people working in the building.
The stage (135 m2) can change it's function per event. For example, it can serve as an exhibition space, cinema, workshop space and as a flexible stage for performances, whisper-concerts and installations.
Specifications, prices (excl. VAT), net surface and leasable surface (VVO)
Available studios *)
Currently, our studios are rented, but studio 4 & 5 will be available as of October 1 2022.

*) If you are interested in a studio that is not available at this moment, please don't hesitate to apply. We can put you on a waiting list.
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To keep costs down, our studios are shared with another artist. Please indicate your preference below. *
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