PopuLLar - Teacher Pre-piloting questionnaire
Please complete this very important questionnaire before starting the project with your students. It will be used to allow the project team to find out how well the project functions and if changes need to be made. Please complete as fully as possible. Many thanks for your help.
Part 1. About you and your students
1. Name *
Your name in full
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2. E-mail address (required for communication) *
Your email will be held privately and never divulged to a 3rd party. Only partners in the PopuLLar project will have access.
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3. Years of teaching experience *
Please indicate how many years you have been teaching.
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4. Which subject/s do you teach? *
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5. Do you feel confident using: *
Choose the value that fits you.
Not confident at all
Not very confident
Quite confident
Very confident
Fully confident (Expert)
Digital audio ?
Digital video ?
6. Name of your City/Town ? *
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7. Name of your Country ? *
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8. Name of the School ? *
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9. Type of school ? *
You can pick more then one box if your school has multiple levels.
10. How many students do you expect to work on the project? *
Your answer
11. What languages do they learn? *
Please check all that they learn. If they learn additional languages to the ones listed please list in 'Other', thank you.
12. What is the age of the youngest student? *
Your answer
13. What is the age of the oldest student? *
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Part 2. About the project
Please can you indicate your expectations of the project.
1. Have you participated in EU projects before? *
2. Please tell us what type of projects with their names?
These will be either centrally funded or national funded projects. Please also mention eTwinning projects.
Your answer
3a. Do you think the students will need help from you to complete the PopuLLar project? *
Please write in question 3b below why you think so.
3b. Please explain your answer to question 3a?
Why do you say 'Yes' or 'No'
Your answer
4a. Do you use music in your teaching? *
Please write in question 4b below how you use music.
4b. If you do use music in your teaching please describe how?
Your answer
5a. Have your students experience in working together collaboratively? *
Please write in question 5b below any results of collaborative work.
5b. If your students do have experience of working together collaboratively what were the results?
Please describe:
Your answer
6. What are your expectations for the PopuLLar project? *
Your answer
Thank you - the PopuLLar team
Many thanks for your kind cooperation in completing this questionnaire. At the end of the project we will have a second questionnaire to understand the results.

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