MBCUE Student Film Festival Submission Form 2019
Submission Guidelines

All projects need to be submitted to the MBCUE Film Festival Online Submission Form by March 15, 2019. Entries must be received by 5pm. Finalist will be notified by April 5 2019.

Teachers, parents, or guardians submit all entries. All communication will be sent to the party responsible for the entry.
For classes with multiple entries, please submit only the “top” three to entry in the Film Festival for consideration.
Use the appropriate form and enter a project only once.

Store a complete, high-resolution copy of your project, as this is required for all winning projects.
Entries must represent work that was completed after Earth Day of the previous year

Before submitting your project, you will need to download the Media Release Form. This form must be printed and signed by the teacher, parent, or guardian. It will be your responsibility to save the form until requested by film festival officials. If students’ likenesses are in included in the project, a parent signature may also be required.

All entries are submitted online using a preferred web hosting partner or other media hosting provider (Examples: School Tube, YouTube. Vimeo). All entries MUST have a valid, public URL that our judges can access. Entries chosen for the Festival must be made available in a format that can be uploaded to YouTube. It will be featured on the MBCUE’s YouTube Channel.

Projects need be under Fair Use Guidelines and properly cited.

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This student (or students) was/were who directed the artistic direction, script, and production of the film.
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Only finalists will need to submit their media release form to MBCUE
I validate that students were the primary creators of this film and that this film was created with non-copyrighted materials. I give permission for MBCUE to screen my film publicly and upload it to a publicly viewable Youtube Channel. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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