Student Laptop Acknowledgment Form 2019-2020
- Review and check the box if you agree with the statement.

I will not leave my laptop unattended unless it is locked in a secure place. My family is fully responsible for the cost of a replacement should my laptop become lost, broken or stolen due to “gross negligence” as determined by the United Community School Administration. *
I understand that I am responsible for backing up my own files or saving them on Google Drive. *
I will not install or use file-sharing programs to download music, video or other media. *
I will not duplicate nor distribute copyrighted materials other than a back-up copy of those items I legally own. *
I will report any problems with my laptop to a member of the tech support staff in a timely manner. *
I will report any physical damage regarding my laptop to a member of the tech support staff within 2 school days. *
I understand my computer is not to be used on the bus. *
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Step 2. Parent/Guardian name *
Step 3. Your email address (If you would like a copy of the agreement.)
Step 4. Student name *
Student Grade *
Check this box ONLY if you do NOT want your student to bring his/her laptop home. (not applicable to grades 2 & 3)
If you would like to have your student bring their laptop home on specific days, please list below.
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