GopherConIndia 2020 Student Sponsorship Application Form
Student Scholarship Conditions
The student must be studying in a School / College / University in India at the time of the conference (Mar. 2020). They must show proof of being a student, before the conference begins.

Attend the core day(s) of the main conference i.e.28,29 Mar. 2020.

The last date to submit your application is 29th Feb. 2020.

The Student Gets:

A free conference pass for the 2 day conference.
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Gender *
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Link URL to your Real Photo *
What's your current knowledge of Go? *
What is the name of your current school or college and location? *
If you are pursuing graduate or post-graduate studies, what is your branch/major? *
Please write a brief extract of your latest academic project *
Also include links to any source code, if available
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