GRMS Student Needs Survey
Fall survey of all enrolled students at GRMS
GRMS Student Needs Survey
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In general, I feel safe at Gordon Russell *
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I know an adult at school I trust and could go to for help *
If I saw someone being bullied or harassed, I would know what to do *
I have been bullied or harassed at Gordon Russell *
I feel that any problems that are reported to staff are addressed *
I have friends at school *
I feel school is important to my future *
Graduating from high school is important to me *
My teachers are available to help me *
I believe I can go to college if I choose to *
I believe there are good career opportunities available to me without a 4 yr. college degree *
Attendance is important for school success *
I am comfortable referring myself or a friend to the school counselor *
I struggle with these issues (check all that apply to you)
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