USA Dance College Network Survey for Individuals
In order to help collegiate dancers stay active during this virtual academic year, USA Dance College Network launched three initiatives: Weekly Virtual Dance Lessons, Virtual Competitions, and a community Discord server.. The College Network would like to know how you personally used these initiatives and would love to know your opinions about them.

USA Dance College Network Mission statement: The USA Dance College Network exists to empower college students to engage in all forms of partner dance as a healthy lifestyle alternative, as a means for positive social interaction, and for personal achievement.
Weekly Virtual Dance lessons
The first few questions pertain to the weekly virtual dance lessons that were hosted on the Dancing Universities Facebook group.
Did you participate in any of the weekly virtual dance lessons?
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What did you like best about the weekly lessons? Were there specific classes that were really beneficial?
What did you like least about the weekly lessons? Were there specific classes that were not beneficial?
If USA Dance were to continue these virtual weekly lessons, do you think it is important that a couple teaches a class or is it okay if a single person teaches it?
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If USA Dance were to continue these virtual lessons, what dances or topics would you prefer to have covered?
USA Dance Virtual Competitions
The next few questions pertain to the two virtual competitions USA Dance hosted during this academic year, the Digital Collegiate DanceSport Challenge (held last Fall) and the National Collegiate DanceSport Championships (held this Spring).
Did you dance in DCDC last fall or NCDC this spring?
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If you did not dance in either of the competitions, why not?
The USA Dance Dancing Universities Discord group
The next few questions pertain to the Dancing Universities Discord group, hosted by USA Dance.
Are you a member of the Dancing Universities discord server?
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If you aren't a member, why haven't you joined it?
If you are a member of the server, what improvements or changes would you like to see in the server?
Do you have any other suggestions or comments about what USA Dance could add/do to help collegiate dancers?
Additional Questions
The last set of questions are demographical in nature. USA Dance is interested in knowing your proficiencies and preferred styles of dancing so we can better tailor our lessons and other offerings to you.
Are you primarily a lead or a follow?
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What levels of dance do you compete in?
Which styles of dance do you practice?
Which team/club/studio are you affiliated with? (If you aren't affiliated with none, please say "None".)
Which city and state do you live in?
When you have practiced this year, where do you typically practice? (dorm room, gym, basketball court, etc.)
Thank you for completing this survey. We appreciate your responses and will use this information to provide better initiatives and benefits to all collegiate dancers.
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