Creative Maths - Try Before You Buy
Try before you Buy - Play before you Pay
Request the opportunity to try out Creative Maths products for a month in your classroom before you decide whether to buy them. Return any of the products you choose not to keep, at your cost, and you will not be charged for them. We will invoice your school for the products you keep.

Please note that by filling in this form you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions given in this form. This scheme is only open to New Zealand schools.
1) Choose the products you would like to trial
If you choose to keep all three products we just charge for the Variety Pack, $89. This is a saving of $20.
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2) Let us know your name, the school you teach at, and your school email address
This scheme is only available to teachers at New Zealand schools. We can only accept requests made using a school email address.
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3) Let us know the address to send the products to *
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4) Is there anything else you think we need to know? Or, anything you would like to know?
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Terms and conditions of the scheme
1. You are requesting the Creative Maths products you selected above to try in your classroom.
2. We reserve the right to decide whether or not to accept your request.
3. We will email you before posting the products, to confirm the details you have provided.
4. When you receive the products, we expect you to open them and use them in your classroom.
5. At the end of the month (or earlier) you decide whether to keep and pay for some or all of the products.
6. You return any products you are not keeping (at your cost).
7. You a responsible for letting us know which products you are returning.
8. At the end of the trial, we email to ask what you are returning and whether you would like to purchase more.
9. We then invoice your school for any products we do not receive and any extra products you would like.
10. The product prices are shown above.
5) Agree to the terms and conditions of the scheme *
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