Narrow Game Audience Research
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The Introduction Video
What is you reaction to the game intro? *
Would you like to participate in closed beta testing in July? *
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The game doesn't require much attention from the player. Ideally it runs in a browser tab somewhere in the background, with a player checking it once in a 40-60 minutes, and clicking a button or two. Are you comfortable with this style of playing?
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Any player can have up to 4 game characters, living in different countries. One character is always free, others will cost $9 per month per character. Are you comfortable with this model?
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How many characters would you like to have?
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New countries in the game can be created for $9999. The high price is necessary to limit the total number of countries in the game.
Would you consider creating a completely new country with this price?
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What features would you like to see in the game sooner than the others?
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