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I am a Girl is a community project about understanding what it means to be a “girl”. I am a Girl will explore how people define and identify as “girls”. The exhibition will look at how “girl” has been defined throughout history and will explore all the different types of people who see themselves as a “girl” today. Being a “girl” does not mean just one thing and this exhibition hopes to show this. To do all this we are asking the general public to share their thoughts on girlhood with us.

This is where you come in! We would like members of the general public who identify as “girls” to respond to questions about girlhood. The questions are listed below, and we would like you to answer them with a blog post. Use these questions as prompts to tell your story on why you see yourself as a “girl” and what girlhood means to you. Feel free to get creative with your responses! As we said, we want to show that girlhood does not mean one thing and that there can be many definitions of the term “girl”.

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What is your first name and age? *
What does being a “girl” mean to you?
What is your favourite thing about being a “girl”?
What is something about being a “girl” that you wish more people knew about?
How would you say society views girlhood in your country?
Can you think of and describe a defining moment of your girlhood? Perhaps a time when you felt a strong connection to being a “girl” or when you felt distanced from the way society expects “girls” to be.
Do you have any more thoughts you would like to add about “girls/girlhood”?
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