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Yay! You published your book, congratulations! We can only imagine the effort, time, money and energy it took to get this far, congratulations and thank you for reaching out to Turning Page Bookshop.

Please fill out the info below to request Turning Page Bookshop to carry completed physical copies of your book IN STORE locations. Due to the unusual number of requests, we will try our best to reach out to you to notify you that the book is in the store and on the website.

Our preferred method will be ordering your title directly from a national distributor such as Ingram as it allows us to streamline the process and be most responsive to our customer needs. Please be patient with us. We receive many requests for books to be sold in our store, and it takes time for us to review.
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What is your Instagram Page Name? This information will be used for consideration but is not the sole basis. Authors who have cultivated a following whether online or in person help impact the overall sale of a book. It is the responsibility of the author to inform their audience that the book is now available IN STORE at Turning Page Bookshop. Your platform assists tremendously with those book sales. *
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