MiMiDi Global Airdrop Event
Thank you for every MiMiDi supporters in the world.

MiMiDi is The Only Decentralized Blockchain Network Messanger on Hongmeng OS, Huawei.

In order to revitalize the MiMiDi ecosystem, we would like to share the planned Airdrop event.

2,500,000 MMD / FCFS / Value of $50,000

MiMiDi Airdrop is expected to airdrop 500 MMD, which is 10 USD value (based on the price of IEO)
MMD will be distributed after the end of the Airdrop event.
It is possible to send a token before listing, but the deposit on the exchange may vary depending on the IEO deposit plan for each exchange.


MiMiDi Global Airdrop Event Guide:

1. Visit MiMiDi Official website : https://mimidi.io/
2. Visit MiMiDi Official Medium : https://medium.com/@mimidi
3. Follow MiMiDi Medium
4. Join our Telegram Announcement Channel : https://t.me/MiMiDi_Announcement
5. Join one of our Telegram Group:
EN : https://t.me/MiMiDi_EN
CN : https://t.me/MiMiDi_CN
KR : https://t.me/MiMiDi_KR
6. Submit your details to Google Form along with PERSONAL Ethereum address (No exchange ETH wallet).
7. Get your 500 MMD after the end of Airdrop Event.

Do you want to be an official supporter and earn more MMD?
= Please do not hesitate to contact us : @MiMiDi_Official (Telegram)


Brief MiMiDi Roadmap

August - Pre-Sale Starts [0.015 USD] 2% of total supply : 200,000,000 MMD only
September - IEO on 3 BIG Global Exchanges
December - Launching MiMiDi APP on Hongmeng OS, Huawei.


MiMiDi Official site : https://mimidi.io/
Official Telegram announcements : https://t.me/MiMiDi_Announcement
Official Telegram(EN) : https://t.me/MiMiDi_EN
Official Telegram(CN) : https://t.me/MiMiDi_CN
Official Telegram(KR) : https://t.me/MiMiDi_KR
Official Whitepaper (EN) : http://bitly.kr/FbzGme
Official Whitepaper (CN) : http://bitly.kr/lJWZxc
Official Whitepaper (KR) : http://bitly.kr/VFwtfi
Official Medium : https://medium.com/@mimidi

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