KYC Social Work Intern Application
Thank you for your interest in Kaleidoscope Youth Center! The following questions will help us learn a little about you and allow you to reflect on the reasons you would like to intern with us.

Please note the following requirements to be considered for an internship at KYC:

*Currently enrolled in a MSW Program
*Successful completion of a BCI Background Check (also FBI if in Ohio less than 5 years)
*Comfortable working within a creative, collaborative, and flexible environment
*Commitment to the KYC Values included below:

The work of KYC is informed by the practices of restorative and transformational justice, intersectionality,  anti-oppression, and trauma informed/healing engaged care. We are committed to providing supportive and collaborative services that acknowledge that people are the experts in their own lives.

We seek to recognize and challenge systems of power that perpetuate barriers and injustice in young people’s lives, and we are aware that not all young people get the same results through the same hard work under these existing systems.

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About You
Getting to know you and your involvement with the social work program.
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What days and times are you available? Note: Kaleidoscope Youth Center's hours are Monday through Thursday 11-7 and Friday 12-8 *
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Are you most interested in micro, mezzo, or macro social work? (please choose one) *
Which aspects of Kaleidoscope Youth Center are you most interested in? Please rank your interest from high to low (1-4) *
After school drop-in programming and emotional support (ages 12-20)
Case management (ages 16-24)
Intersectional LGBTIA+ community advocacy
Civic Engagement & Policy
Application Questions
The following questions allow you to tell us more about your interest in Kaleidoscope Youth Center and share what you hope to get out of the experience.
How did you learn about Kaleidoscope Youth Center (KYC)? *
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What do you know about KYC? *
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What about interning at KYC feels personal to you? *
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What previous work experience do you have that could be helpful for an internship at KYC (i.e. work, field, classes)? *
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What skills do you bring to social work? *
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What are some of your learning goals? *
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What are your career goals upon graduation? *
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What are two areas of social work that you would like to continue to improve? *
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What type of supervision is best for your learning style? *
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What do you like about working with youth (ages 12-24)? *
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Have you reflected/examined what it means to identify as LGBTQIA+ in today’s world? *
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How would you describe your social justice vision? *
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Briefly describe your understanding of intersectionality, privilege, and oppression. *
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