Cold Garden 2's Basketball Tournament Registration
What: A 2v2 basketball tournament
When: August 29th, games start at 10am (so come early)
Where: Gopher Park, Inglewood (Across from Cold Garden, 1100 11 St SE)
Contact us:
Entry: $20 entry for the 2v2 tournament; $10 entry for the 3-point contest
Prize: Half the pool to the winner, half to KidSport Calgary. Both finalists awarded a Cold Garden gift basket ($100 value)
Participants Names (Teams of two + one optional sub) *
Team Name *
Are you also going to compete in the 3-point contest? (Taking place after the tournament). *
Are you also going to stay for the free movie screening in the park of White Men Can't Jump (1992)? (Taking place after the 3-point contest). *
I understand the first bracket starts at 10:00am, and I must be present for my games or it is considered a forfeit. *
I understand that our team will have to pay $20 to enter the tournament. *
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