Who Wants a Critique? (Design Like a Pro Live Critique Request Form)
I will be selecting a limited number of submissions for critique during Design Like a Pro Live on Twitch.

Post a link to a PDF or portfolio page that features the item you would like critiqued. If you link to a portfolio page, please make sure there is only the item you want critiqued on the page.

You do not need to submit for both items below. It will not increase your chance of getting a critique done.

By submitting your link you are giving me permission to make a critique showcasing your work to others during an online stream. You OWN all rights to your work. I will not be able to critique every submission.

Submit a URL to a PDF of your print design. (i.e. via a Google Drive or Dropbox link)
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Submit a URL to a portfolio page on your website. (please ensure this is a direct link to one item so I know which one to critique)
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