Live Video Booth at #FinCon17 - Interest Form
Attention all current and wanna-be Youtubers! With the help of Tai and Talaat McNeely (His and Her Money), Troy the Dollar Dude, and Sarah from Budget Girl, we're preparing a live video booth at #FinCon17.

We're inviting YOU to record a video (talking head or interview style) using the booth and our DSLR camera, lights, etc while at the event.

If you're a video pro this will be a layup - show up, hit record, and go for it. If you're new to video, this will be the perfect opportunity to try it out. Troy the Dollar Dude will be on-site to help you with the technical setup to ensure you get a quality recording.

Time slots will be 30 mins. We will try to give you as many as you want. Questions or concerns? Email Troy at

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