'Forecasting for Social Good' - 3 Day Free* Workshop
Goal : To provide an opportunity for social crusaders (working with NGOs, social enterprises, Government and other organisations) to master techniques on how data can be effectively used for larger social good. This workshop also looks at a broader vision to explore potential opportunities for future research and project collaborations.The workshop intends to reach out to those individuals and organisations who otherwise would find it difficult to afford such a workshop.

Date: 2018 December 10, 11 & 12

Number of participants : 25 only ( handpicked based on profile )

Workshop conducted by : Prof.Aris Syntetos and Dr.Bahman Rostami Tabar ( Cardiff Business School, www.cardiff.ac.uk/business-school )

In association with : Wudi Datatech Private Limited (www.datawudi.com)

Supported by : Global Challenge Research Fund (www.ukri.org/research/global-challenges-research-fund/)

Hosted at : Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (www.iimk.ac.in)

Contact: team@datawudi.com

Certificate from Cardiff Business School and International Institute of Forecasters on successful completion of workshop.

*FREE registration, accommodation and food for 3 days of workshop.
*Filling this form does not guarantee you a place in the workshop. A shortlisting based on profile will be done. To maximise your chances, please provide as much information as possible about you / your work

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