Harvesting Humanity (S.O.C.A) Experience
Wednesdays & Fridays: November 02 - December 23, 2020
Event Address: ZOOM - Zoom EVITES will be distrubted after registration
Contact us at: harvestinghumanityllc@gmail.com
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One of Harvesting Humanity's Flagship Experiences - Serving Our Community through the Arts (S.O.C.A) - is accepting applications for school age children who reside in the NorthEnd/Sugaw Creek area to particpate in diverse cross-disciplinary Integrated Arts experiences that not only provide respite from our current pandemic quarantine, but also provide cultivation of 21st century literacies and servant leadership skills and strategies...Note well...YOU MUST RESIDE IN THE NorthEnd/Sugaw Creek Area to Register...THE NUMBER OF AVAILABLE SPOTS WILL BE CAPPED AT 25 (Sibling priority)!...ALL required questions must be answered in order to process your registration.
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